The M.O.

There're some pretty intense hike groups out there. This is not one of those. No one is too fast or too slow for us; if you want to come out, come out! We won't leave you in the dust or begrudge you your speediness if you wish to charge ahead. Be sure and check the distance and difficulty of the hike to ensure it actually sounds like fun for you... you are encouraged to ask for more information if you can’t decide. We’d love to have you.


The point is to get folks onto the trail to enjoy themselves

in whatever way each hiker wishes:



...just please be mindful other hikers’ temperaments

(don't, for instance, babble cheerfully at a naturey introvert trying to soak in a rapture of woodsy contemplation)

...hikers take breaks when they like, eat when they like, etc...

That’s about it!

E-mail Mike with any questions at all

or to find out about upcoming hikes

The Background

I used to be a serious couch potato who often intended to hike, but never quite got started... and then when I did, I really wanted to share the trails and sights I found with other folks, especially ones who were having trouble getting started, whether due to shyness or being out of shape or whatever. Also, for years I was a city dweller without a car, so I’m eager to help folks in that respectable state find rides out to the boonies if they want to go.

Thus I started inviting people (believe it or not, first from Myspace, then Tribe, then my own e-mail list and Facebook) and folks started showing up! We’ve been hiking all around the Bay since 2006, welcoming hikers from age nineteen to 70-something and all levels of experience. The group seems to hover between 2 and 3 mph on the trail, pretty consistently, though faster folks really do show up and dart on ahead at will; of course, the whole group will never bolt on an intrepid straggler. These hike groups tend to be smaller, rarely more than ten people as of this writing, but we draw from a much larger group of occasional and new participants, and folks generally seem eager to abide by the M.O. above.

More of Mike’s shenanigans can be found at and

Requests Encouraged!

Whether as to locale, difficulty, scenery, even pace... your perfect hike awaits and it would be fun to help you find it and schedule it so you can make it!

Just e-mail: :)


I don’t do this for money, but I do recommend that if you share a ride, you share the cost of the trip. I won’t ask for money when I drive; some drivers might. If I’m a rider, I do the math and pitch in a reasonable share for the gas (asking my driver if s/he thinks its reasonable as well) and treat both car and driver with respect.


RSVP promptly for specific hikes, even if only vaguely interested, in order to get updates!!! Don’t be the person who rsvp’s the day before a hike you want to do, only to find it was rescheduled weeks before, but you didn’t hear about the change because you didn’t rsvp to the initial announcement.

**It’s important to me not to flood folks with e-mail, so after the initial global announcement, I only update those who rsvp!**


Please be mindful of other hikers’ preferences about photos. Don’t point a camera directly at an individual without asking permission and never post a photo anywhere on the internet that shows an identifiable person without first attaining that person’s permission.

The photos on this page are good examples: two hikers other than me might be identified from the photos, so I attained their explicit permission before using these photos online.

Feel free to forward photos to Mike to be forwarded to other hikers for permission---hiker contact info remains confidential unless both parties request otherwise. :)

Favorite Bay Area Trails/Hikes (so far):

Mount Diablo Mitchell Canyon to Summit loop

14.5 Miles of Stunning Views & Woody Goodness

(Top photo on this page is Bald Ridge Trail)

Purisima Creek Redwoods State Preserve

San Mateo

Soda Gulch Trail

Lush expansive landscapes beneath the forest canopy

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Stinson Beach

Steep Ravine Trail

Yoda-land! So green, ferny and cool in the heat of summer

Redwood Regional Park


French Trail

Soda Gulch’s East Bay cousin, same canopy/smaller scale

Berry Creek Falls Loop

Big Basin State Park

Santa Cruz Mountains

Multiple waterfalls? What’s not to like?

Sky Trail/Coast Trail Loop

Point Reyes

(photo below says it all, just add lunch on the beach; enough said.)

Alamere Falls

Palomarin Trail, Point Reyes

Easy stroll with optional rocky scrambling, lovely expansive coastline, pristine little lakes and

a broad, beach waterfall you can walk right into,

if you like... ahhh.

Come Out and Hike with Us!