The Second Annual International

Soap Bubble

Online Photography Exchange

Accepting submissions now through November 18, 2012! 

A passing whim that became awesome now evolves into an idea whose time has come!

Last year for my birthday, I half-seriously asked folks to 

1. Make a bubble for me

2. Point at it and take a picture

3. Send me the picture for my blog

And generous, talented people from all over sent me amazing pictures and video!

Check out:

I was deeply moved and had thought that it would be too much to ask folks to do something like that again...but then I thought...why isn't there a regular forum for bubble and/or photography enthusiasts to show off their finest work with the work of others that they can admire, enjoy and be proud to be placed among?


After all, bubbles are both one of the most compelling and one of the most difficult photographic subjects known to humanity, right?

So let's show off and share what we can do with folks who appreciate it!


My birthday is November 18th and I'll let you each decide if you want to adhere to the "Happy Birthday Mike!" [point!] tradition or simply offer something lovely for us. I will display images and embed video in a big html page where the images can be seen in all their glory like this: (picture and bubble by Frans van de Kamp)

I know so many more bubblers now--and photographers too!--than last year that I'm very excited to see what we get. I for one am going to make a very short video of a very new piece of equipment ;)...and I may ask a bubble buddy or two to let me take some pictures of their bubbles while I'm at it...

Send e-mail to mikecanhelp ayut yahoo dawt com :)

Check the progress regularly!

1. Photos will be posted full size or 1280p wide, whichever is smaller, though some browsers may shrink them on a given viewer's device.

2. If you don't like what you see on the page, feel free to resend a different file.

3. In the e-mail with your photo file please be sure to enclose in quotes exactly what you would like your photo caption to say, e.g."Mike L. Miller in Oakland, California, USA. Photo by E. Pino"

4. If you would like a link in your caption, include the address in your e-mail and your entire caption will be click-able to that link.

5. Be sure and include a photographer credit within the caption if appropriate, and if you also include a second link to the photographer's website, the photographer credit will be click-able to that link.

6. Please note that the page will be a minimalist HTML page, with the emphasis on the images, so it will be easy for anyone to download them at will. Be sure that all concerned parties are aware of this (i.e. any professional photographers) and use a watermark if copyright is a concern.

7. Mike has two jobs and two tiny kids, so please allow a week for submissions to be posted before sending a follow-up e-mail. It is possible for e-mails to be missed or bounce, so DO follow up if concerned.

8. E-mail questions to mike at the above address!

9. Make your own rules!

10. Thanks so much for considering participating!